Local musician determined to start Gino Vannelli cover band


Windsor, ON – After spending several frustrating months trying to come with an idea for a new cover band 42-year old guitarist Eddie Lynch of Windsor has hit upon what he thinks is his best idea yet, a cover band dedicated to the music of Canadian artist Gino Vannelli.

Said Lynch “I’ve been in about 20 cover bands in my life and they never seem to last. I had a hair metal band, a grunge rock band and even a country and western band. But then it hit me, why not a band based on a Canadian musician? Sure there are Tragically Hip and Rush cover bands but I don’t think anyone has ever done a Gino Vannelli cover band! It’s my best musical idea ever!”

When asked which songs his new band planned on playing from the Gino Vannelli music catalog Mr. Lynch struggled to name more than three songs. As he stated “I’m not really worried about it as long my band plays Gino’s hits like Black Cars, Wild Horses and Fantasy, I’m sure people will love it”. When pressed for a comment band-mate and drummer, Mark Fisher, sighed audibly “This is the fifth time I have been in a band with Eddie and I just don’t have the heart to tell him that Fantasy was actually performed by Aldo Nova”.

Be sure to look for Milli Vannelli in the coming months at a live music venue near you.