Proposal for Ouellette Avenue to be renamed The Big O


Windsor, ON – Windsor city council member Frank Edwards will be unveiling a plan at this week’s city council meeting to rename Ouellette Avenue to a new name that he believes will be a tourist draw, The Big O. “I think it is in the best interest of the city to rename Ouellette” stated Mr. Edwards at a press conference on Friday.

“It is really just about branding” he said, adding “think about it, New Orleans has Bourbon Street and New York has Broadway, I think Windsor should have a marketable name for our main street”. Mr. Edwards said he came up with the name when he overheard his wife talking to some friends over coffee last month and his wife was mentioning that she never gets the Big O. “I wasn’t sure what that was all about exactly but I liked the sound of The Big O and thought, hey, we could use that as a street name in Windsor” he excitedly explained.

“Imagine what our tourism department could do with this, ‘Come to Windsor for the Big O’, I think it is great marketing opportunity and besides most visitors don’t even know how to pronounce Ouellette. I want to give people coming to Windsor The Big O” said the councilman.

When asked about how the name originated Mrs. Edwards commented “it’s probably not that bad of an idea at least someone in Windsor will be getting The Big O”.