Trump supporters visiting Windsor like the “moat” at the border


Windsor, ON – A group of Donald Trump supporters left Cleveland, Ohio and the Republican National Convention to visit Windsor on Wednesday evening for some site-seeing. Caleb Danzig of Charlotte, North Carolina commented “I really appreciate all the hard work that must have gone into building this fantastic moat between the United States and Canada” while looking at the Detroit River.

“It really is a wonderful idea” said Anne Fleming of Macon, Georgia. “Do they plan on extending it all the way to Seattle?” she asked while also announcing that she will bring the idea back to the convention “It occurs to me we don’t need a wall in Mexico we should install one of these moats. They are so much more scenic than a wall”. Mr. Danzig added “she’s right, moats have a long and storied tradition throughout history and we should learn from history. This is the best moat I have ever seen”.

Later while trying to learn more about Canada Mr. Danzig was intrigued with the Loonie coin being used in place of a dollar bill but seemed dazed and had to seek medical attention after reviewing a map where it was pointed out to him that Windsor was actually south of Detroit.