Drive-thru customer believes he is cursed


Windsor, ON – Troy Martin of Windsor, Ontario believes he is cursed when it comes to fast food restaurants with two-lane drive-thru choices. “I never guess correctly” he says, “there could be 5 cars in one lane and 1 car in the next lane and I’ll pick the lane with 1 car and be waiting forever! 4 out of the 5 cars in the other lane will pass by me before my order is even taken. It is very frustrating”.

Mr. Martin believes he is cursed as during one drive-thru trip several years ago he changed his order several times before settling in on a Big Mac combo. “Sure I took over 15 minutes making up my mind but do I deserve a life-long curse for that?” he wondered aloud while recalling where he thinks things went wrong. While he cannot verify this he claims that a band of gypsies was in a van behind him that fateful day and since then he has been unable to choose the correct lane. When asked to corroborate his account of gypsies Mr. Martin’s wife said she thought it was actually a group of musicians headed to a gig.

“I’ve even pulled into an empty lane and still don’t get served first” Martin explained while expressing concern about Windsor’s new car idling by-law. “With the new by-law and my bad luck it is only a matter of time before I get ticketed because of my drive-thru curse”.

When asked why he hasn’t given up on using the drive-thru and just go inside to place an order his explanation was simple “Who has got time for that?”