Anti-mask advocate looking forward to picking out a Halloween costume

Windsor, ON – George Preston, age 51, of Windsor, Ontario has been adamant that he should not have to wear a mask to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 because of his mistaken belief that a mask will restrict his oxygen intake but recently announced that he is really looking forward to picking out a new Halloween mask this year. 

Mr. Preston has stated repeatedly on Facebook posts in the last several days that he will develop hypoxia if he wears a mask for 15 minutes while buying Pringles and frozen yogurt at Walmart. “What will they do if I pass out in the snack food aisle because I had to wear a mask?  Masks are killing people every day!”   However during his most recent visit to his local Walmart Mr. Preston inquired about when this year’s Halloween items will be available.

Preston detailed his plans “I’ve got a Star Trek convention to attend in September in Las Vegas and thought I’d kill two birds with one stone and hopefully get a form-fitting Klingon mask to wear to both the convention and for Halloween.  I love Halloween.  I get a new costume every year! I can’t wait for the convention.  Thousands of Trekkies gathered together celebrating the core vision of Star Trek where mankind has united around shared human values, goals and ideals.”