Windsor man concerned over looming dictatorship because of mask-wearing mandate

Windsor, ON – Richard Johnson, age 48, of Windsor says he will not wear a mask when the Health Unit’s mandate that face coverings be worn when entering commercial establishments goes into effect on Friday.  “I refuse to wear a mask.   Where does the government get off telling me to wear a mask?” an angry Johnson said on Thursday.

Mr. Johnson provided further explanation on his position “I’ve read a lot about this mask wearing.  Not any actual material on the subject but I’ve read a lot tweets and some news headlines on social media so I feel I am pretty well informed on the subject.   I think this is a slippery slope to infringe on our rights.    It will start with wearing a mask and next thing you know they will be telling us we have to wear a shirt and shoes to get service in a restaurant!”

From his Twitter account Mr. Johnson advised the people of Windsor “It’s the start of dictatorship I tell you!  Our rights are being taken away.  Those who would ignore history are doomed to repeat it!!!”   Despite being an asked for an historical reference Mr. Johnson could not cite any moment in the history of the world of a dictatorship when citizens were asked to help their community in stopping the spread of a pandemic virus by wearing a mask for fifteen minutes while shopping inside a Walmart.