Film aficionado finds continuity errors in Top-Heavy Home Wreckers Part 3

Windsor, ON – Film buff and self-described expert on pornographic continuity Artie Cameron, age 41, of Windsor provided a review of the new release Top-Heavy Home Wreckers Part 3 “I thought the film was really good overall. Having seen the first two installments I will admit to being a fan so I may be a little biased”.

Mr. Cameron went to explain to the gathered media on Friday morning “The biggest problem with the film were several very noticeable continuity errors. For instance the lead actress left her office in one scene in a red bra only to arrive at her home to receive a pizza delivery and she was suddenly wearing an orange bra. It does take away from the enjoyment of the film when you see a mistake like that”.

When asked when his fans could expect his next film review Mr. Cameron couldn’t provide a specific timetable for publication “I’m getting more into sci-fi lately so I have just started watching Ghost Lusters but since I only watch a movie for about five minutes at a time I probably won’t finish this one until December”.