New Raptors fan plans to binge-watch previous 24 seasons

Windsor, ON – Newly declared Toronto Raptors super-fan Ken Tyson, age 31, of Windsor has a busy couple of weeks ahead of him as he tries to get caught up on all things about the Raptors ahead of their 25th anniversary season that tips-off on October 22nd. “I’ve never watched a game before but all my friends were so into it last season I thought the time was right to catch-up”.

Mr. Tyson further explained “I decided to treat this like Game of Thrones. I got into that late. I started around year four so I went back and binge-watched all the previous seasons to get caught up”.

When asked if there were any challenges to approaching his new super-fandom Mr. Tyson admitted there are a few obstacles “Going back to 1995 and watching every game is a bit of a time commitment and of course avoiding spoilers. I know they did well in the playoffs last year but I don’t know how it ends so I’m really looking forward to watching!”