First-time voter making decision solely by telemarketing calls

Windsor, ON – Jordan Banks, age 19, of Windsor admits he has not been keeping up about the candidates in his riding of Windsor-West ahead of the upcoming Federal Election on October 21, 2019  “I’ve been really, really busy.   Borderlands 3 came out the other day so I’ve been focusing on that” Banks said.

He further explained “I don’t read much and I lost my Facebook password and I can’t log in there to get info so I feel the best way for me as a voter to make my decision is by the automated telemarketing calls each party uses to get their message out.   This way I just have to listen for thirty to sixty seconds and I can make up my mind”.

When asked which party he was leaning towards supporting Mr. Banks’ said he was undecided “It’s a tough decision.  The NDP has called me twice.  The Liberals called once.  A Duct-Cleaning Company has called me four times and they seem to have some good ideas so that’s a possibility”.