Sports bandwagon fan struggling with who to support next

Windsor, ON – After becoming a huge Toronto Raptors and St. Louis Blues fan over the last three weeks, Larry Moxley of Windsor doesn’t know what do to with the rest of his summer now that the NBA and NHL seasons are over. “It’s been a crazy couple of weeks with both of my favourite teams winning their respective championships” said Moxley during a Friday morning media scrum.

Mr. Moxley went to explain his current dilemma “As I really don’t watch sports regularly I am in tough spot. I’m sort of like the Blues having to win game seven on the road. I could go with baseball but I think it is far too early in the baseball season to get on a team’s bandwagon but I guess I could pick a team now and tell everyone I am a huge fan then just change teams if my team doesn’t do well when the playoffs start”.

While he figures out where to next place his sports allegiances Mr. Moxley is headed to Toronto on Monday for the Raptors championship parade “I’ve been their biggest fan the last three weeks how could I miss the parade?”