U.S. drone shot down over Detroit River

Windsor, ON – Late Monday evening a U.S. drone was detected flying into Canadian air space near the Detroit River.   In a barrage of light and sound Canada responded by shooting approximately ten thousand short range rockets at the drone.

“It is not readily apparent if we actually hit anything but we’re assuming we got the drone” an unnamed source inside Canadian Rocket Command reported “We’re not taking any chances however and we’re keeping an eye out for a blimp that was reported in the area earlier in the evening”.

When asked what the possible encroachment was about the CRC source advised “We can only speculate at this time but we’d have to assume it was some kind of a spy mission. We’ve had reports that they’ve been after our pizza recipes in Windsor for some time and this incursion may be related to that.  I mean have you had a Bob’s Pizza or a Happy Pizza?   They’re just awful”.