Very-angry emoji replaces red-face-angry emoji as local man’s go-to emoji

Windsor, ON – Local man Daniel Burch, age 41 of Windsor, has stopped using his favourite emoji and replaced it with a more aggressive emoji “I was using the red-face-angry emoji all the time but I recently discovered the very-angry emoji and I think the very-angry emoji better reflects my personality and overall outlook on life”.

Burch made his announcement via a Facebook post which he immediately tagged with a very-angry emoji “I use it all at the time on Facebook.  Most times I use it on social media on stories about politics or celebrities.  I don’t actually comment I just put an angry emoji in place and move on to the next story.  Sometimes I don’t even read the story I just read the headline and assume it is something that will make me angry”.

Burch advises that his attention span and reading comprehension are limited so rather than try and formulate an actual articulate written response to a social media post he just uses an angry-emoji “It is a real time saver”.   Mr. Burch went on to say that his angry emoji philosophy can cause problems “Sure, when you see a friend’s post about the birth of their new child and just tag it with an angry emoji you expect some negative feedback but that’s what they get for having an ugly baby.  Pictures of ugly babies make me so angry”.