Local dog running for MPP in Windsor-West

Windsor, ON – The Windsor-West riding has a new contender who is making gains on the pack in his bid to become a first time member of provincial parliament.   Travis T. Dog  is a long-time resident of Windsor “In dog years I’ve lived in the city for 56 years but this is the first time I have considered running for political office”.  The newly announced candidate has seen a spike in recent polling after his acclimation to be the candidate for the Canine Party “I think people are fed up with the status quo and are looking for a change”.

When asked if it was feasible for a dog to become an MPP Mr. Dog was quick to answer “Of course!  We have dogs doing good work in the community every day of the week, dogs work at police departments and serve in our armed forces so why can’t a dog be a politician as well?   I think we dogs need to have representation in Queens Park.  And you ask any dog, we love going to the park”.

Summing up his campaign to date the MPP hopeful commented “I am very focused on the race.  The only thing that distracts me from my political aspirations is when a squirrel runs by but I understand Doug Ford has the exact same problem so I think I’ve got a decent shot at winning.  And really with the state of politics in Ontario right now how much worse would it be if we elected a dog?   And don’t forget my campaign slogan:  Travis T. Dog, he’s a good boy!”