New autonomous vehicles coming to Windsor

Windsor, ON – With the announcement this week that Windsor has been selected as a future test-market for driverless cars in Canada plans are already underway to have the vehicles programmed to behave just like drivers in the Windsor area.

“We want the autonomous cars to blend in with Windsor traffic in a seamless manner so we’re working on programming the cars to interact with traffic just like an average driver in Windsor” said lead programmer David Lightman “We’ve got some great data so our driverless vehicles will forget to slowdown when the E.C. Row Expressway is snow or ice covered.   They will also merge unexpectedly from left-turn-only lanes into right hand lanes without signaling.  I really don’t think people will be able to tell the difference between our cars and cars with actual motorists from Windsor”.

Mr. Lightman said one common Windsor-driver feature would not be included in the autonomous cars “We thought about having our cars regularly run yellow traffic lights because that seems to be something Windsor drivers seem to really enjoy doing but we’re going to err on the side of safety on that one and actually have our cars slowdown and come to a stop when a light turns yellow”.