Long suffering Las Vegas Golden Knights fan enjoying playoff success

Windsor, ON – Scott Colton, age 37, of Windsor, Ontario describes himself as a life-long Las Vegas Golden Knights fan.  “I’ve been a big supporter ever since the franchise was announced in 2016” an excited Colton exclaimed while watching Thursday night’s 7-0 win over the San Jose Sharks.

“It’s been such a long time coming.  Seven whole months since we’ve had a chance to make the playoffs” Colton said, adding “I can really empathize with Leafs fans. They’ve been waiting since 1967 so now I know what that is like.  The waiting for playoff success is nerve-wracking”.

Colton said he can now name eight players on the Knights starting line-up and expects a long playoff run “It would be great if we won the cup.  I think us long-time Vegas fans really deserve to see them hoist the cup as least once in our lifetime”.