Filing complaints with Integrity Commissioner latest fad sweeping the city

Windsor, ON – Following in a long-line of popular fads to hit the Rose City including dancing Gangham Style, collecting Beanie Babies and owning a water-bed the latest cultural phenomenon has hit Windsor: filing a complaint with the integrity commissioner.

The complaint-craze traces it roots to late 2017 with disagreements inside of city council where councillors would complain about one another to the integrity commissioner.  The fad has moved on to statements by the mayor and city councillors made in the press or social media and has now reached the general public.  Citizens are keeping a watchful eye on every local politician’s statements, Tweets or Facebook updates waiting for someone to slip up so they too can file a complaint.

“I can’t wait to find something to complain about.   I am sure I’ll find something soon” said long-time political-watcher Richard Giles “I usually don’t complain about anything  even when they get my order wrong at a drive-thru but this just seems like so much fun.  And it seems like everyone is doing it these days so I want to join in and be part of all of the excitement.”