Man convinces wife that earthquake was based on his sexual prowess

Windsor, ON – When a 3.6 magnitude earthquake hit Essex County on Thursday night local resident Oliver Terrell, age 51 of Windsor, was lucky enough to be engaged in intercourse with his wife Alanna at the exact moment the earthquake was registered.

“The timing couldn’t have been better” said Mr. Terrell “I was just about to finish and she yelled out did you feel that?  The earth just moved” he went on to explain “I knew right away it had to be an actual earthquake because the water glass on the night stand tipped over and that never happens”.

When asked what the rest of the evening held for the happy couple Mr. Terrell advised he was planning on making a sandwich and trying to keep his wife away from the 11:00 news as “I don’t want Jim Chrihton f*%*in things up and my wife hearing about the real earthquake”.