Local man won’t shut-up about his NHL playoff bracket

Windsor, ON – Fred Walton, age 51, of Windsor completed his on-line NHL playoff bracket on Monday evening and thinks everyone needs to know how great his picks are.   “Sure it took me about two hours to figure out how to login but once I did I know I nailed every pick.  I spent most of the weekend researching my picks” Walton told gathered media on Wednesday morning ahead of the start of the playoffs.

“I’ve got Las Vegas playing Tampa Bay in the final with Vegas winning the cup in seven games” said Walton. “I’ve been telling all the guys at work to just forget their picks because I’ve got this thing won.  I haven’t been able to talk sports too much since my NFL Fantasy Football league finished up so I’m looking forward to texting and Tweeting all my friends and acquaintances during the NHL playoffs to let them know how great I am doing during every game”.

In response to his playoff enthusiasm several friends have pre-emptively blocked Mr. Walton on Twitter.