Local man shocked to learn internet memes aren’t always factual

Windsor, ON – Dave Harris of Windsor was stunned this past weekend when friends told him that his recent political and social opinions were not based in actual fact. “I can’t believe it” Harris said at a hastily called news conference on Monday morning.

“It turns out Donald Trump didn’t actually accomplish more things than any first year president and Justin Trudeau didn’t order a new rainbow version of the Canadian flag. I’m just so embarrassed” Harris said after friends presented him with actual facts not gathered in a meme on Facebook or Twitter.

“I just assumed all memes were accurate” the newly enlightened Mr. Harris said, adding “In future I’ll try not to fly off the handle on social media when I see a meme I agree or disagree with.  I might even try reading a book again.  It’s tough to break the meme habit though as it was a really convenient way to gather news and information”.