Kiss-cam to be replaced by Public-Break-Up-cam on scoreboard video clock

Windsor, ON – The Kiss-cam a long time feature at sporting events where the arena cameraman pans around to find a couple sitting together then puts the image on the big-screen over centre ice that encourages them to kiss is being replaced by a new feature, the Public-Break-Up-cam.

Director of Marketing, John Caravella, explained the thinking behind the change “Every arena in the league does the Kiss-cam and we wanted to be different so we’re encouraging couples who are in the midst of ending their relationships to attend games and when the camera zooms in on them they can end things on the big screen with all of Windsor watching. It’s a win-win situation really.  We’re tapping into a new demographic for attendance and the couple gets to end their relationship”.

The Public-Break-Up cam will be rolled out in early February 2018 to take advantage of pre-Valentine’s Day relationship terminations.