Forecast calls for one to two centimetres of snow and 35 minor traffic accidents

Windsor, ON – The long range forecast for the next week predicts Windsor will see a possible accumulation of one to two centimetres of snow.   Along with the minor snow fall Windsor drivers will experience the annual effect of not being able to drive during the first snow fall of the year.

“We look forward to it every year” said Windsor Police Staff Sergeant Tyler Clement, adding “It happens on the first snow fall every winter.   Drivers in the Windsor area all seem to suffer a mass amnesia and forget how to drive on slippery roads.   We’ve started an office pool this year with the over-under on fender-benders on the first snowfall being 35 minor accidents”.

The snow fall is expected to last less than 12 hours next Monday. The mass amnesia is expected to last 24 hours at which time Windsorites will remember how to drive in icy conditions for the remainder of the winter.