Muted 2021 St. Patrick’s Day celebration finds Windsor man drunk at home

Windsor, ON – Every year on March 17th when everyone is just a little bit Irish Brad Owens, age 63, of Windsor heads out on a pub crawl to celebrate but due to COVID-19 Mr. Owens 2021 St. Patrick’s Day plans had to be altered. The once-a-year Irishman explained “I’m usually downtown at one of the pubs yelling at Tartan Army to play Danny Boy by noon hour every St. Paddy’s Day but this year I’m at home.”

Mr. Owens elaborated further “On a normal year after I hit the downtown pubs I usually head towards the east-end and wait in line for an hour or two to get into another bar. And I like peeing outdoors and this is the one time every year when that is socially acceptable. So you can understand why I am so down this year.”

When asked what his St. Patrick’s Day plans for 2021 would be Mr. Owens answered in a somber tone “Well, I guess I’ll drink way too much beer like I usually do but this year I’ll throw up in my backyard instead of an alley downtown. First time in 35 years I haven’t thrown-up in public on March 17th. We’ve lost so much in the way of social activities because of the pandemic.”