Local dog to petition court for name change

Windsor, ON – A dog living in the east-end of Windsor announced today that he plans to petition the courts for a name change.   When speaking to gathered media the two-year-old canine explained his position “Spot?   Seriously?  I moved in with these people last year and they started calling me Spot.  Why?   Because I have a spot on my fur!  What a stereotype!   How lazy can they be?  After consulting an attorney I feel I have no other option but to pursue this matter through the courts.”

In reply Spot’s owners advised that they didn’t mean any harm when naming the dog “We had a very busy week when we named him.  We had just moved to a new house and we picked up him and brought him home and we just went with Spot. We really don’t see why this is such a big deal a lot of dogs have simple names like Spot, Patch or Max.  He didn’t seem to mind at first but in dog years he is now a teenager and I guess it has become a problem.”

Spot reports that he plans on filing a motion in the coming weeks seeking his emancipation and the ability to change this name “This relationship is broken.  If they can’t see the harm they are doing by calling me Spot there isn’t much hope in salvaging things moving forward.  I will not be defined by my appearance.  It is clearly fur discrimination.”

When asked what his plans were for a new name Spot replied “I’ve got a few ideas. I want something with some street-cred.   I’m thinking the Notorious D.O.G. or L.L. Drool J.”