Windsor City Council approves $300,000 for authentic green pool water


Windsor, ON – In a closed-door session on Friday Windsor City Council approved an additional $300,000 for green pool water for the upcoming FINA World Swimming Championships to be held in the city from December 6th to December 11th.

Said city councillor Frank Edwards “We want the event in Windsor to be on an Olympic scale and decided to approve the purchase of the green water just like they had for the Olympics in Rio this year”. Arthur Curry, event organizer added “This is a big step for us, we needed the green water, as viewers from around the world will have their eyes on Windsor and we want to show the entire world we can have water that is up to Olympic standards”.

In a related story FINA organizers are also searching for improvisational actors for a staged robbery production with American swimmer, Ryan Lochte. “We haven’t finalized the plans for the staged robbery yet but we’re hoping to find a suitable location on Wyandotte Street East between the WFCU Centre and Mr. Lochte’s hotel downtown so it is convenient for him during his visit to Windsor” added Mr. Curry.

The FINA World Swimming Championships will be taking place in Windsor at the WFCU Centre from December 6th to December 11th.