Study shows fun-size candy bars are actually just smaller versions of regular candy bars

Windsor, ON – A startling new study released today by the University of Windsor contains a bomb-shell revelation that so-called fun-size candy bars are actually just really small versions of regular candy bars.

Professor Timothy Tanaka announced his findings to gathered media on Halloween morning “As many consumers will be eating fun-size candy bars today our team felt the time was right to release the findings from our study. After exhaustive testing and examination we came to the conclusion that fun-size candy bars are nothing more than miniature versions of their regular size counter-parts”.

When asked what we could expect in the way of follow-up Professor Tanaka said “In light of this size revelation we are now going to test to see how much fun a fun-size candy bar actually contains and we may expand our study to see how much fun may be inside a regular size candy-bar”.