Local man struggling to come up with something to be offended about this holiday season

Windsor, ON – James Gibson, age 38, from Windsor is not having a very good holiday season. Mr. Gibson hasn’t seen anything that truly offends him on television or social media this year.   “Most of my friends have complained about something but I just can’t relate.  It’s very frustrating to not have something to bitch about during the holidays”.

When asked about recent popular complaints like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer being banned for glorifying bullying or the more common protest this season of radio stations playing or not playing the song Baby, It’s Cold Outside, Mr. Gibson replied “Sure, I suppose those are good ones but they just don’t upset me all that much. It’s Christmas Eve and I haven’t got a thing to complain about”.

Mr. Gibson has resigned himself to having a happy holiday and is confident he will rebound in 2019 and light up his Twitter and Facebook pages with complaints and one-sided opinions once he finds something that properly offends him.