City Councilman suggests Windsor should opt-out of future Cinnabon stores

Windsor, ON – Councilman Frank Edwards announced today that in his opinion Windsor should opt-out of having future Cinnabon stores in the downtown core. “There is the location at Devonshire Mall and four other Cinnabon stores within driving distance in the Detroit area.  I don’t feel there is a need for a Cinnabon store in downtown Windsor” Edwards said on Monday.

The councilman explained further “I think we should take a wait and see approach. At the very least Cinnabon stores should be at least 150 metres from a school.  Childhood obesity is a real problem and we don’t want kids getting hooked on Cinnabons.  They can be a gateway food.  One day you’re eating Cinnabons and the next thing you know all you are living on is In-and-Out Burgers”.

Despite the apparent public support of more Cinnabon stores the councilman is standing by his assertion that Windsor should opt-out “I’m usually right about these kinds of things. And in a pinch citizens in the downtown core can always get a TimBit if they have a pastry craving”.