Six-year-old boy announces new Windsor-Detroit bridge project

Windsor, ON – Jacob Haskins, age six, of Windsor, Ontario announced plans Wednesday morning for a new bridge connecting Canada and the United States that he will be building entirely out of Lego-bricks.  “I’ve seen in the news recently that the Gordie Howe Bridge project will be held up another two or three years and the Moroun family got their go-ahead to begin construction on a twin-span for the Ambassador Bridge so I thought the time was right for me to announce my intentions of building a bridge connecting Windsor and Detroit entirely of Legos” Jacob said at a hastily called news conference.

“We’ve broken ground today and I’ve started the foundation on the Canadian side. I just need about 42 billion more Lego bricks and I’ll be good to go” the enterprising young man from East Windsor told reporters.  “I’m optimistic that we can have it built and open by 2022 before I start high school” he added.

Jacob thinks his project will benefit all the citizens of Canada and the United States except for Billy Simpson who, according to Jacob “Sits behind me in class and pokes me when the teacher’s back is turned so Billy Simpson will never, ever, ever be allowed to go on my bridge”.   Billy Simpson could not be reached for comment.