Next 100-year storm due to hit next July

Windsor, ON – The city of Windsor, having been hit with so-called100-year storms in both 2016 and 2017, was told by meteorologists today to expect the next 100-year storm in July 2018.   100-year storms are defined as severe weather occurrences that happen once a century.  “We’re fairly confident in our forecast given that the 100-year storms are now occurring every eleven months” said Chief Meteorologist Dan Regan on Wednesday.

“We’ve looked at the models and done the math. The math was actually pretty easy we just kept adding the number eleven up and since we got a storm in September 2016 and then in August of 2017 we came up with the conclusion of another 100-year storm in July 2018” Regan explained.

In advance of next year’s storm the city of Windsor has already announced that the July 2018 storm is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence and that the city’s sewer and drainage system just can’t handle that kind of rain accumulation in such a short time but that they feel for residents and will do everything they can to prevent a reoccurrence during the 2019 storm.