Obscene phone caller longs for the good old days

Windsor, ON – Louis Dixon, age 64, of Windsor recently lamented the loss of his favourite hobby due to advancements in technology. “It is pretty much impossible to make obscene phone calls any more” Mr. Dixon said from his residence on Windsor’s west side.

Dixon explained “In the seventies and eighties I used to call people at all times of the day and night and say the most filthy things. Now what do you have? Caller ID and number-blocking. It is sad really. People are losing that personal connection. We’re becoming a very cold and distant society”.

When asked if he had considered obscene texting Mr. Dixon advised that he had explored that option but again found advancements in technology to be in the way “Damn, spell-check! How can you obscene text someone when it keeps changing the words? ‘I want to duck you’ unless you’re really into mallards or something that just sounds weird”.