Group not sure if friend telling racist joke or not

Windsor, ON – Gathered for a weekly chat over a pint at their local pub a group of friends have been left debating about whether or not one member of the group was telling a racist joke or not.

“It began innocently enough” reported a group member who did not want to give his name “Brian said he had a joke to tell but we knew something was up because before he started telling the joke he paused and looked over both shoulders to see who was behind him”.

The eye-witness went on to say “Then he started doing this weird accent. At first I thought it might have been Turkish but one of my other friends said it was French. To me it sounded Irish with a twist of Spanish. Anyway the accent was so confusing we couldn’t tell if the joke was racist or not. Right after that Brian took a phone call on his cell and left so we’re still wondering”.