Birthday party clown admits he is just creepy


Windsor, ON – Bongo the Clown, real name Douglas Jameson aged 42, of Windsor, Ontario announced this week that while he has been performing at children’s birthday parties for last 20 years that his real enjoyment comes not from entertaining children but rather from creeping people out.

During a recent interview Bongo revealed that he knows his profession is odd and for the most part no one actually likes birthday party clowns but thanks to misguided parents he keeps getting bookings. “I don’t get it either, no one likes clowns, but parents seem to think their kids do like clowns so I manage to stay employed. And as a bonus I get the satisfaction of knowing that I really creep everyone out” said Bongo.   “I’d wager that most people who attend a party where I have performed have a nightmare about me later that evening.  I leave a lasting impression” Bongo continued with a somewhat demented smile on his painted face.

Bongo went on to say that in addition to his continued birthday party appearances he also plans to start wandering city parks at dusk. Bongo believes that Windsorites need a distraction from their everyday problems and thinks that a demented looking clown appearing in the evening hours around Jackson or Dieppe parks will give everyone in Windsor something they can really worry about.