Top Ten Santa Claus complaints about visiting Windsor

Windsor, ON – It’s that time of the year when Santa Claus is going to visit the Rose City. Counting down from ten to one here are Santa’s biggest complaints about visiting Windsor…..

10. Elves acting strangely after delivery to glowing greenhouse in Leamington

9. Those one-way streets downtown are a bitch

8. Trying to figure out what happened to the music play-list on 89X since last visit

7. Strip-search at the border after Rudolph got smart at customs

6. Two-hour parking meter limit for Santa’s sleigh

5. Windsorites continually telling Santa how to pronounce Pierre Avenue

4. Having to explain to that anti-mask group why they are on the naughty list

3. Construction on E.C. Row for the tenth Christmas in a row

2. Kind of upset there isn’t a Friday Meeting this week while Santa is in town

  1. Never gets invited to whiskey tastings with the mayor