Windsor man baffled by emoji message from girlfriend

Windsor, ON – Garry Hunt, age 53, from Windsor is new to the dating world of 2019. “I was married for twenty years and just started dating after my divorce” the bewildered Hunt explained to gathered media on Friday Morning adding “And I met this girl and she is her in early 30’s and she pretty much only communicates by text message when we’re not together”.

Mr. Hunt detailed his dilemma further “Yesterday she sent me this text with only emojis in it. I have no idea what it means.  It has a purple devil, an eggplant, a turtle, all kinds of stuff.  Is this normal?   Have people actually given up on words to communicate?”

Mr. Hunt plans on contacting the University of Windsor for assistance before replying “I am hoping they have someone there like the guy from the Da Vinci Code who can tell me what this means.   I think I am either going to hook-up this weekend or she is going to kill me”.