City council candidate knocks on 400 doors and runs away when people answer

Windsor, ON – Ward 11 city council candidate Peter Brock has run into problems with his grass-roots door knocking campaign in recent weeks.   “I just get so nervous when I have to speak to strangers so my door knocking idea isn’t going over very well” explained Mr. Brock on Friday.

“I work up the courage to knock on the door but then I get an overwhelming urge to run off if someone opens their door.  I read in the paper that all the other candidates are doing door knocking campaigns too.   I wonder if I am the only one who knocks and then runs off?” Brock questioned as he wandered the streets of Ward 11 looking for another residence to approach.

In a related story a group of eight-year-olds in the neighbourhood have reported that they too like to knock on people’s doors and run-off.   No one in the group of children has yet to announce their intentions to run for political office in Windsor.