Tips for avoiding West Nile Virus

Windsor, ON –  The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit confirmed this week that a local resident has tested positive for the West Nile virus.  This is the first confirmed case in 2017.   Here are ten helpful tips for avoiding the West Nile virus.

  1. Eliminate standing water in low spots, ditches, shallow graves and similar areas as it attracts mosquitos.
  2. When sending them outside to play dress your children in NASA approved space suits to keep them from getting a mosquito bite.
  3. Purchase a 5000 watt bug zapper for your yard.
  4. As mosquitos generally fly below 25 feet climb the giant flag pole in downtown Windsor and wait out the summer.
  5. Light coloured clothing is less attractive to some mosquito species so wear your Miami Vice outfit from 1985.  Mosquitos hate pastels.
  6. Conversely as dark clothing attracts mosquitos avoid having Darth Vader over for a summer BBQ.
  7. Seal your windows and doors with duck-tape.
  8. Wear a condom if having sex with a mosquito.
  9. Don’t leave the house until December 1st.
  10. Move to the Antarctic.