Man realizes too late he has chosen wrong check-out line

Windsor, ON – While completing his weekly grocery shopping this past weekend Kevin Lauzon of Windsor choose lane six at his local grocery store before realizing a price-check was already in progress at the front of the line with another customer. “I should have been more aware of my surroundings and looked up but seriously who insists on a price-check on one plum-tomato?” asked Mr. Lauzon.

“I was browsing the impulse-buy candy section and had picked up a magazine and just wandered into lane six. Lanes five and seven were flying by and I just assumed lane six would be just as fast. I actually thought to myself, score! Only one person in line ahead of me!” Lauzon recalled some thirty minutes later as he finally got up to the cashier,“I thought about jumping to another line but every time I thought about leaving I had a feeling the price-check problem was going to resolve itself. I was next in line. I was so close and all my items were on the conveyor belt just waiting to be scanned. I don’t know if it was stubbornness or hopefulness but I just couldn’t bring myself to leave the line”.

The harrowing ordeal ended quietly for the harassed customer when he finally completed his transaction at the check-out. “I’ll be more careful next time and select my check-out lane with more review and consideration. It’s all about being vigilant and making good decisions” Mr. Lauzon advised before leaving the store.