Scooby-Doo villain relocating to Windsor

Windsor, ON – It’s not just retirees from Toronto or investors looking to take advantage of a hot real estate market coming to Windsor.  Now a classic villain from Scooby-Doo has set his sights on the Rose City.   Carl A. Creeper famous from his encounters with Scooby, Shaggy and the gang announced his plans to move to Windsor this week.

“When I heard about the clock-tower they are going to build on Erie Street at the roundabout I thought what better place for me to move to?   I’ve lived in haunted mansions, closed down amusement parks and old lighthouses but I’ve never lived in a clock-tower” Mr. Creeper said on Wednesday.

“If I can’t get the clock-tower I’m hoping to find something with a big lot near a bus route” the villain went on to say.  When asked when he hopes to be in the Windsor area he replied “Ideally in August.  I want to get my son and daughter registered for school so I’d like to be in town by then”.

“I see nothing but positives for me and family in moving to Windsor” Mr. Creeper concluded “and best of all my realtor promised me that there aren’t any mystery-solving, meddling kids with their dogs running around the city”.