City Councillor proposes bike lanes on E.C. Row

Windsor, ON – After this week’s suggestion by a Windsor City Councillor that cyclists could potentially ride their bikes on city sidewalks another Councillor, Frank Edwards, has come forward with what he describes as a better solution for cycling in an east-west direction in Windsor.  Bike riding on the E.C. Row Expressway.

“After hearing the argument that since most people ignore the bylaw against riding a bike on a city sidewalk that we should re-think the bylaw and let people ride their bikes on the sidewalks I got to thinking and maybe he is right.  Ignoring laws is a perfectly reasonable way to implement change.  So I think in addition to sidewalks we should let the people of Windsor cycle on the E.C. Row Expressway” Edwards proudly announced on Wednesday describing his new plan to the gathered media.

“Since the expressway is really slowed down right now with all the construction what better time to introduce bicycles onto E.C. Row?   They can blend in with the zipper-merging that has been so successful.   Bicyclists will be able to get from Lauzon Parkway to Huron Church in no time if we implement this” Edwards explained, further commenting “first we’ll get bikes on the sidewalks and then we’ll get them on the expressway.   I don’t see a downside to this at all”.