Canada 150 condoms now available in Windsor

Windsor, ON – In advance of Canada’s 150 birthday celebration a number of new products have hit the marketplace to celebrate the event including t-shirts, hats, flags, flasks, clothing and even caskets just to name a few of the items. One item in particular raised some eyebrows when it was released that being the celebratory condom.

Local man, Roy Bedard, of Windsor was spotted at a local drug-store buying the 150 condoms and held an impromptu press conference in aisle four of the Shoppers Drug Mart on Monday. “I am a proud Canadian and I think it is important to commemorate the birthday celebration with as many Canadian items as possible. I’ve already got three flags flying outside of my house and I want to fly my Canadian colours proudly with these condoms”.

When asked if there was a special lady in his life who would be helping him with his patriotic duties over the holiday weekend Bedard replied “No, not at the moment. I’m single. Now that you mention it I sure hope I get to use these before Canada’s 151st birthday”.