Pelissier Street Parking Garage announces succession from the city of Windsor


Windsor, ON – The Pelissier Street Parking Garage announced its intention this week to succeed from the city of Windsor and form its own city. “I’ve had enough” the Garage said “No one can agree what to do with me.  I think it is best if I just leave”.

The Garage went on to say that the idea for succession came from the United Kingdom’s planned exit from the European Union. “Did you see what they did with that Brexit thing?   They said we don’t want to be part of the E.U. anymore and they are leaving.   I’m doing the same thing.  I don’t want to be associated with Windsor so I’m declaring my intention to become my own city.  I’m going call my new city Pelissier-Parkville”.

The Garage expects to be met with opposition to the succession plan “I’m sure the Mayor and Windsor City Council will want me to stay but enough is enough.   I think I have the support of a majority of Windsorites that will want me to become my own city.  In fact I’ve already had several inquiries from persons wanting to move to Pelissier-Parkville and god knows I have the space for people to move in”.

The Garage is hoping for a referendum vote on succession in early 2018.