Windsor Aquatic Centre to add giant sand-box to boost attendance


Windsor, ON – Plagued by lower than expected attendance and a financial deficit the Windsor Aquatic Centre in downtown Windsor announced plans this week to build a giant sand-box adjacent to the complex. “Everyone likes going to the beach and playing in the sand so we decided that a giant sand-box attached to our centre would be just what we need to boost attendance” centre spokesman John Douglas announced to gathered media on Wednesday.

“We’ve already put in a bid to host the World Sand-Castle Invitational Tournament in 2019” Douglas answered when asked how the new sand-box would attract tourism dollars in the future.   “Everyone likes to build sand-castles and go in the water.  I think our new sand-box and pool facility is perfect synergy from a functional use and branding stand-point.  Windsor will have the biggest sand-box in Canada upon completion” the spokesman added.

There was some confusion however about the actual purpose and use of the new giant sand-box as the Feral Cat Association of Windsor issued a press release praising city council for their decision to open a giant litter-box in the downtown core.