Man annoys everyone announcing he has finished his Christmas shopping


Windsor, ON – David Hanson of Windsor, Ontario proudly announced to his friends last week that he has finished his Christmas shopping early this year. Since that time every conversation, social media update and correspondence completed by the happy shopper has included a reference to his shopping prowess.

“It’s getting really, really irritating” said Artie Nessman a friend of Mr. Hanson. “He’s on Facebook with a status of ‘what’s got two thumbs and bought all his presents this year, this guy!’ honestly I can’t take much more. Big deal so he finished his shopping and I haven’t started mine. I wish he would just shut the ‘F’ up. All of friends are tired of hearing about his big accomplishment.”

In the true spirit of the season all of Mr. Hanson’s friends have communicated with one another, wishing each other a happy and safe holiday season while at the same time secretly hoping that Mr. Hanson’s family all hate the gifts he has purchased and that he has to return them all.