Windsor man surprised to learn he can’t vote in U.S. election


Windsor, ON – Aaron Rexall of Windsor, Ontario was surprised to learn on Monday that he can’t vote in the U.S. election as he is a Canadian citizen and has never had any affiliation with the United States. “I’ve spent the last year updating my Facebook and Twitter accounts with all my political thoughts and ideas on the U.S. election. I was planning on voting for Donald Trump but a friend told me today that I’m not eligible no matter how many posts I place on social media” said a disappointed Rexall.

“Just yesterday I spent seven hours debating in the Windsor Star comments section about Hillary Clinton’s email scandal only to find out today that I can’t vote because I was born in Canada and lived my whole life here” Rexall explained. “I went to the debate forums at the Rivers Edge and ordered my Make America Great Again hat and t-shirt on-line. Why do they sell the hats and shirts to Canadians if you don’t get to vote?” Rexall questioned while affixing his new Trump bumper sticker to his pick-up truck.

Now realizing that a hat and bumper sticker do not give him the right to vote Mr. Rexall was asked what his plans were for Election Day now knowing that he can’t vote and replied that he had been planning on watching the election results play-out on CNN but will probably just opt for a re-run of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on the Food Network instead.