Relationship ends over use of LOL instead of HAHA in text messages


Windsor, ON – Karen Warren of Windsor announced the end of her relationship with Simon Tremblay also of Windsor this weekend due to their inability to text each other in a civil manner. “We text a lot and he just keeps typing LOL instead of HAHA. Everyone knows LOL is so 2005 it is not even worth discussing. I couldn’t take it anymore so I broke things off”.

Mr. Tremblay argued back “LOL is perfectly valid as a way of expressing one’s self but she thinks HAHA is the only to express that something is funny or light-hearted. I just gave up”. The use of HAHA has become more predominant in text-lingo the last few years replacing the previously used LOL which is the acronym for laugh-out-loud. “No one actually ever laughs out loud when they are texting so why would I type LOL? If you were actually sitting around texting and continually laughing out loud you’d be taken away for a psychiatric examination” said the clearly frustrated Ms. Warren.

According to Univesity of Windsor sociology professor, Norman Brooks “There is no right or wrong answer to the question of whether HAHA or LOL is correct but it does appear HAHA is winning out amongst text-users as of September 2016”. When asked for comment that his use of LOL was becoming antiquated and that he was falling behind the times Mr. Tremblay replied by text “STFU”.