Windsor pot-hole confident he won’t be filled in this year


Windsor, ON – During a recent interview the pot-hole at the corner of Parent Avenue and Tecumseh Road East said he was confident he wouldn’t be filled in this year “I’ve been holding this spot for several years now and I just can’t see how they will get around to filling me in with all the unfinished constructions projects in Windsor.   By the time they get E.C. Row done it will be November.  And I never get filled in once the winter starts”.

Since taking shape in 2008 the pot-hole has been worked on periodically over the years but always manages to return just in time for the winter season in Windsor. “I’m pretty proud of the streak.  Eight straight years I’ve been causing tire damage at this very location” the pot-hole bragged about his prolonged existence.

Eye-witness reports said the pot-hole has even begun taunting passing motorists, yelling “Go ahead, call 311, I dare you!   Let me know how that works out for you.  The city won’t fill me in and even if they do I’ll get your tires the next month.  I am fixture in this city they won’t ever get rid of me.  Windsor has the Peace Fountain, Dieppe Gardens and me.  I’m an institution”.