Car has erection that has lasted more than three hours

Windsor, ON – A sixteen year old Ford Five Hundred suffered a windshield wiper erection that has lasted more than three hours and wants other automobiles to be aware of the potential dangers of putting additives in your gas tank.

“Honestly this has never happened before. I know I have been arriving at destinations earlier than I had originally planned and I have been feeling a bit sluggish lately. I haven’t been able to go over 80 kilometers an hour for awhile now. So I decided to try an additive and I did have some good short term results in that I was able to go for a long drive for the first time in years but then this happened” said the Ford on the condition of anonymity adding “I don’t want anyone seeing my licence plate”.

The windshield wiper erection led to a somewhat embarrassing trip to the mechanic the automobile explained “I had to tell him all about my speed issues and how my wiper fluid reservoir has been empty more often than not but he was able to get my wipers back in place”.