Windsor leads nation in inability to tell the difference between yellow and red traffic signals

Windsor, ON – A new provincial study released this week shows that Windsor drivers lead the nation when it comes to being unable to tell the difference between a yellow and red traffic signal.  The study released today showed that 41% of Windsor drivers accelerate when they see a yellow light instead of slowing down.

Dr. Glenn Jacobs from the Ontario Driving Institute offered an explanation “It is possible it is some sort of mass illusion perhaps created by a combination of geographic and atmospheric factors that cause Windsor motorists to speed up when they see a yellow light.  It may also be that drivers are mimicking each other in a sort of pack mentality, a kind of mass hypnosis, if you will, where one person does something and others subconsciously follow suit”.

When asked if there if there could be another scientific explanation Dr. Jacobs added “One other possibility is that some people are just dicks who don’t know how to follow the most basic traffic rules.   I guess we’ll never know for sure”.