Cookies and donuts diet gaining in popularity

Windsor, ON – Move over Keto and Atkins a popular new diet has emerged on the nutrition scene in 2020, the Cookies & Donuts Diet. The amazing new diet was created by Jason Cooper of Windsor, Ontario “I was reading up over the holidays about all these diet fads and none of them appealed to me so I came up with this” Mr. Cooper announced to gathered media on Thursday.

The avant-garde dietitian further explained “I don’t really like fruits and vegetables so I thought why not try cookies and donuts? I really like donuts and no one has ever tried to make me eat a kale donut so I think I have really stumbled on to a great idea here. I’m getting a lot of positive feedback”.

When asked about his weight-loss results Mr Cooper reports that his results are mixed “I’ve gained about twelve pounds since January 1st but I figure that is probably all muscle. And I am switching over to mini-donuts as I’ve heard eating smaller meals more often helps with weight-loss”.