Parents worried as third child not photogenic enough for social media

Windsor, ON – Pamela and Craig Davidson have reached a breaking point with their third child, eight-year-old Damian. “We take great pride in our social media accounts and document every aspect of our lives and Damian just isn’t pulling his weight” Mrs. Davidson explained after reviewing Damian’s annual back to school photo.

“We noticed a trend since first grade and now that he is entering third grade it is becoming readily apparent that our son just isn’t photogenic enough to be included on our Facebook and Instagram accounts” according to Craig Davidson, adding “We’ve cultivated an image of our family that the world gets to see and clearly we can’t make other people envious with an ugly child in our pictures”.

Mrs. Davidson put a positive spin on the problem “Our other children look great in all of our pictures so we’re just going to have to be creative when we include Damian in our posts.   We’ll put him behind the other kids or use filters the best we can to mask his inadequacies so be sure to follow us on social media!”